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How To Take Pallets Apart With Ease For Great Building Projects

How To Take Pallets Apart With Ease For Great Building Projects

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Pallets offer a cheap source for wood to make some very creative items for the garden but for indoor use as well. One comment we hear is how much work it is to break down a pallet. Over at they have a great little tutorial, and offer this pallet advice…

“Working with pallets – the first thing we realized early on is it is nearly impossible and too time consuming to worry yourselves with pulling out the nails. It is too easy to damage the wood with the claw and hammer or pry bar.”

Here are “3 how to tips” on breaking a pallet apart to make building projects much easier.

  • 1st Tip – Invest in a reciprocating saw (sawzall).
  • 2nd Tip – Forget about the little 5″ blade that comes with your sawzall.
  • 3rd Tip – How to disassemble.

Watch the video of for the full tutorial and explanation of how to do it check out the post via

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Watch the video: Taking Apart Pallets (July 2022).


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