How To Make A Colorful Bottle Fence

How To Make A Colorful Bottle Fence

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I’m not sure I would make a fence like this but making something similar to it would be a cool garden addition. When the sunlight hits the bottles there would be some interesting reflections and colors.

At night you could place garden lights behind it to shine through. There a lots of garden possibilities.

Of course there are downsides. Depending on the neighborhood you live, the bottle could have a short lifespan.

Flying rocks for lawn mowers, weed eaters or even hail and other weather could also be an issue.

Homeowners insurance could also be a factor. But still does not dimenish the fact it is an interesting project.

One question asked is how do you drill a hole in the bottle? Watch this video here for info on drilling a hole in a bottle and below for:

Would you ever consider having a fence made with bottles?

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Watch the video: UNIQUE FENCE craft idea. DIY. recycled bottles. mountain dew (July 2022).


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