7 Terra Cotta Pot Projects To Spice Up The Garden

7 Terra Cotta Pot Projects To Spice Up The Garden

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The simple, classic clay terra cotta pot has so many possibilities. Sometimes we need help for someone to lead the way. Below you’ll find 7 projects which incorporate clay pot crafts to create unique uses in the garden an spice up the space. Enjoy!

Terracotta Rain Chain

Rain chains people who have them love them. With this rainchain tutorial, you’ll find a few tips and tricks to get the project started. With step by step instructions, you’ll feel like Tim Allen from home improvement when you finish this project and let yourself enjoy the soothing sounds of rain from mother nature. [Project Details Here]

Clay Pot People

Who doesn’t like garden art when small pots are involved. If you’ve ever wondered HOW TO make those fun Flower People out of clay pots then we have a treat for you. Here is a great little tutorial with loads of ideas showing you how to make your own. [Project Details Here]

Clay Pot Lighthouse

Does your garden have a nautical theme? This lighthouse would look great by a pool. Made from clay pots, paint the earthen pots to fit your needs and color scheme. Maybe even add an LED light to the top. Check out the materials and “How To.” At the tutorial you’ll have to scroll down to find the instructions. [Project Details Here]

Distressed Looking Clay Pots

Nothing says to me “classic garden” like the terracotta pot. I like their easy look, simple design, the clay body itself and versatile use. There are times you may want your terra cotta pots to have a more distressed, weather look. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out this quick 4 step tutorial. [Project Details Here]

Rope Wrapped Pots

This rope-wrapped painted Terra Cotta planter comes from the blog by House by Hoff. Included are images and suggestions to help guide you along. There is a step by step picture tutorial with comments so you can see questions other people bring up that may help you make the project easier. [Decorate Your Pots, Project Details Here]

Painted Terra-Cotta Flower Pot

A great project involving terracotta clay pots to make a garden pop! An easy do it yourself project for all ages. With just a little time and money you can make this fantastic terra cotta flower pots with a harlequin pattern. Check out the step by step guide to find out how.

Quick Vertical Garden

Gardeniere Jim Cunneen creates two easy vertical garden projects using clay pots for herbs, flowers and vegetables

Watch the video: Make Your Own DIY Terracotta Garden Art. Indoor. Great Home Ideas (July 2022).


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