How To Turn 4 Doors Into A Garden Shed

How To Turn 4 Doors Into A Garden Shed

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If you appreciate home renovation and often like to refresh the look of your home, you may find that you have extra interior doors on hand and not much to do with them.

Don’t send them off to the junk yard just yet! Here’s a fabulous home project that utilizes four discarded doors, turning them into a quaint, “shabby chic” garden shed. The video below can help you through it!

As an FYI… Garden sheds are not just for tools, check out what these women did or these “pub-sheds” for some ideas as well.

Does this look like a phone booth to you? Not sure how much you be able to store in it but the idea is interesting!

Doors do have other uses in the garden for decoration. Sometimes you can make a statement with just your front door!

Check out the video below:

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Watch the video: Shed Door u0026 Finishing Touches PART 6 SHED BUILD PROJECT (July 2022).


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