How To Make A Cool Bushel Basket Using Paint Sticks

How To Make A Cool Bushel Basket Using Paint Sticks

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With fall almost here, people get excited about the cooler weather, decorating and the produce they find in bushel baskets. But where do we find bushel baskets? Lucy found them at the paint store.

Lucy Akins at Deco Art got the “idea to make a DIY Paint Sticks Bushel Basket to decorate my house with this fall.” From the looks of it she should be thrilled with the end results. What do you think?

To make your own follow what Lucy did!

She went to the local hardware store and asked to buy 20 wooden paint sticks. The lady just gave them to her.

For the inside ring she used a 6 inch embroidery hoop as the bushel basket base. Each paint stick was hot glued individually to the inside of the hoop leaving a slight gap in between each paint stick.

Lucy suggest, “You want to tilt the paint sticks out slightly, otherwise your basket will be straight up and down. This may be tricky, just use lots of hot glue and hold the sticks in place until they are completely dry.”

Once all the paint sticks were hot glued to the bottom embroidery hoop, Lucy repeated the process on the top but used an 8 inch embroidery hoop around the paint stick handles and hot glued the hoop in place.

Next she added a piece of foam to the bottom to the basket and glued it in place inside the basket.

Once completely assembled, she painted it. Lucy, “painted the entire basket using one coat of Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint 2 oz in Relic. This is a beautiful dark gray color.”

“To add a distressed look to the basket, I used a light dry brushing of Americana Decor Chalky Paint 2 oz in Primitive around the edges and front of the basket. This light gray color not only breaks up the bold darker gray but adds a nice distressed look.”

A great project to display all kinds of fall decor. Check out Lucy’s tutorial Via

Watch the video: Bushel Basket (July 2022).


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