Heliconia Stricta Flowers Perfect For Containers

Heliconia Stricta Flowers Perfect For Containers

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Heliconia is one of the most attractive plants to add to your landscape. Its ease in growing is another plus.

Among the many cultivars of Heliconia, the Heliconia stricta is an outstanding choice to grow in a container.

This clump-forming tropical plant resembles the bird-of-paradise. With its reedlike stems are long and pointed banana-like green leaves with purplish mid-ribs and underside.

A beautiful tropical plant Heliconia stricta ‘Sharonii’ produces beautiful flowers (bracts) of orange and yellow which resemble lobster-claws. Plants reaching 3′ feet tall bloom from April through December and generously throughout summer. The stunning blooms can last in water as cut flowers for 10-14 days.

Stricta ‘Sharonii’ has an upright habit, growing and blooming well as a container plant for use on the patio or as an interior plant. Grow the plant in partial sun/shade. Plant in a well-draining soil and keep soil soil moist.

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