Make Outdoor Solar Lighting From Recycled Unique Lamps

Make Outdoor Solar Lighting From Recycled Unique Lamps

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In this growing age of technological advancements and the expensive electricity prices, why not go green and go solar?

Switching to solar powered will put more money in your pocket, as well help with a greener environment. Sounds like a win-win, right?

How about creating a beautiful outdoor solar light that’s pleasing to the eye and cost effective.

Many of the materials used were found at thrift stores, helpful for the budget conscious in all of us.

Solar lighting fixtures have come way down over the past few years, to help create a whole new set of lighting possibilities! Have some solar lights laying around that don’t charge… try rejuvenating them.

This post from Karen at “To Work With My Hands” gives new life to an old lamp. She picked up a cheap solar lamp at Lowe’s or the dollar store. She had an old lamp in her garage she picked up a year earlier at a yard sale or thrift shop.

Then she transforms the old lamp into fun outdoor addition next to a walkway! Check out her complete post via

One step I’m not sure of is what she did to the lamp stand base for weather proofing before using it outdoors.

For a “twist” on the idea but using a container check out this post. For many more ideas with loads of images on what is possible. Cut the cord and see how far your imagination will take you. Details with instructions on making gorgeous fixtures here and here.

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