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Aglaonemas – Still Leafy And Easy To Grow Houseplant

Aglaonemas – Still Leafy And Easy To Grow Houseplant

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Many homeowners love Aglaonemas as houseplants… Here are a few of the “newer” varieties on the market.

Aglaonema Calypso Green 10 inch pot

Aglaonemas are:

  • Long-lasting
  • Beautiful
  • Easy to grow
  • Easy care

They make decorating simple and come in a variety of sizes. With proper care the “Chinese evergreen” thrive year-round.

Aglaonema Cutlass 10 inch pot

Aglaonema Gold Dust 10 inch pot

Aglaonema Key Largo 10 inch pot

Aglaonema Romeo 10 inch pot

Aglaonema Lumina 10 inch pot

Aglaonema Tigress 10 inch pot

Aglaonema Gemini 10 inch pot

Aglaonema Silverado 10 inch pot

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Watch the video: Aglaonema and Sansevieria at Chatuchak Market (July 2022).


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