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How To Start Succulents From Leaf Cuttings

How To Start Succulents From Leaf Cuttings

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Cactus and succulents are popular plants for small areas indoors and out, growing them is a fun hobby. Generally they do not take up lots of room, with many types to collect.

Cactus and succulents are some of the easiest plants to propagate – no special chemicals or hormones required, soil is sometimes an option. No parts of the plant will go to waste.

Over time without good lighting especially during winter, they can get leggy and stretched. When they get stretched you can take cutting to:

– Bring them back into balance
– Make new plants to expand your collection
– Share your propagated plants with others to give away

Starting Succulents From Leaf Cuttings

Check out these tutorials and follow the steps:

  • MrBrownThumb – excellent succulent tutorial on propagation
  • – A 7 Step Tutorial

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