Garbage Can Planters

Garbage Can Planters

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Now I know this project may not fit everyone’s idea of design or decorating. However, this simple project does provide some great little take aways.

I’ve always liked the look of large pots or planters with smaller plants. I can picture lantana bushes, million bells flowers or even a large fern spilling over the edges. You can see these used extensively at places like Disney World.

However, weight can cause problems when you plant these BIG containers and later want to move them.

You may not like the metal garbage can used to create this “decorative” container. But it does provide a great solution for reducing the weight and creating the look.

We’ve shared other post where a large container held a smaller plant. For example the post using lemon grass in a large pot for repelling mosquitos. Or these galvanized tubs used as planters. While we’re at it, this stock tank helped create a pond.

In the post Christine at LittleBrags, had a weird area she wanted to dress up, but didn’t want to spend an bunch of money.

She bought several metal trash cans of different sizes. Then filled them with plastic water bottles to “take up the space” so she would not need to fill it with soil. She also made sure the trash can had holes for drainage.

The ONLY mistake – as least from the pictures – I would make sure each bottle had a cap on it. Otherwise a great solution.

Check out the full project via little brags.

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