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How To Tell If Wood Pallets Are Safe To Use In The Garden

How To Tell If Wood Pallets Are Safe To Use In The Garden

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We’ve had several post on using pallets for all kinds of things in the garden.

Pallet Projects like:

  • Make A Deck!
  • Making Planters From Pallets
  • Upcycle Pallets In Your Garden
  • Make A Raised Garden Bed

Almost every pallet post has a comment about chemical concerns when using pallets in the garden or for construction. Pallets can be used in the garden, you just need to know what to look for and where.

The video shows you just what to look for when selecting pallets to use in the garden or for building projects and pallets are safe to use.

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Watch the video: Repurposed Wood Pallets for Garden Planter and Composed Bin (July 2022).


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