Fire Pit With No Smoke, Odor or Ashes And Style

Fire Pit With No Smoke, Odor or Ashes And Style

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Fire pits have grown in popularity of the last few years. There’s something comforting and enjoyable about snuggling up in front of a fireplace or fire pit… all year round. But who wants to deal with the smoke, odor and ashes?

There are alternatives – Fire Glass! No smoke, no ash, it’s odorless and special glass crystals give off no toxic deposit.

Star Fire Direct a vendor of “glass firebricks” shares this:

Unlike traditional media—such as gas logs or lava rocks—glass fireplace rocks artistically mask gas burners and jets while reflecting the light and heat produced from the fire. This makes the glass not only pleasant to the eye, but also quite functional. h/t starfiredirect.com

Fire glass is environmentally friendly and produces more heat than real wood. With fire glass no trees are cut and you can stay toasty warm.

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Watch the video: BioLite FirePit - See Fire, Not Smoke (July 2022).


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