51 Budget Backyard DIY Projects That Are Borderline Genius

51 Budget Backyard DIY Projects That Are Borderline Genius

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With spring/summer upon us you are likely spending a lot of time outside. Your personal garden area is an extension of yourself, and of your home. Why not add some character and make it more you without hurting your pocketbook?

Buzzfeed has put together some fun Budget, what they call “genius” DIY ideas that can help you reclaim your backyard and add some style in your free time.

Some I thought were really good… Not Genius but good!

– Foot wash for dirty feet
– Mirrored Orbs or Spheres
– Painted Stones
– Diapers in bottom of potted plants

However, the inflatable pool fountain I thought was going a bit far… not genius in my book!

What do you think? Check out all 51 via

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