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Mailbox Garden Ideas: How To Create Curb Appeal With A Mailbox

Mailbox Garden Ideas: How To Create Curb Appeal With A Mailbox

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Ever wanted to add some plants and color to your front yard, but just can’t seem to find a good item to put them in?

Check out this gallery of inspirations for converting old mailboxes you can pick up dirt cheap into exciting and rustic looking flower planters.

There is a large variety of examples here; from using old mailboxes and converting the into planters themselves, to adding some simple designs to your existing mailbox to make a it a floral focal point of your yard!

A beautiful white mailbox shaped like a house with pansy flowers coming out of it. It makes the outside of this mailbox house look wonderful. It makes me think of home.

A black mailbox next to a trellis covered in charming pink clematis flowers. This looks like a font yard of a family who loves to garden! A nice place to hang out!

A old mailbox sitting on top of a bench filled with an array of pretty flowers as a decoration rather than an actual mail box.

A slot mailbox covered lightly in flowers. White with vines and light flowers covering it looks old but still lovely. As the falling pin says “Timeless” calling to never forget where we’ve come from.

This planter has a small white crown on it’s front lid as well as beautiful, pink and purple colored flowers that have bloomed over the planter.

A classic black mailbox with two “saddle bag” flower beds attached to it. The look of this is rustic yet new. Industrial look but the flowers give it life. A very lovely mailbox.

This mailbox doesn’t get the mail anymore but delivers beauty in a whimsical way as a garden planter!
Find out how in this mailbox makeover tutorial via Flea Market Gardening

Another industrial mailbox look. Very clean and simple while still having style and looks very unique. It would match any type of house and landscaping.

This is a cute, little wall planter that matches the colors of the house rather well. The distressed paint as well as the flower design bring everything together beautifully.

This mailbox is a very interesting and gorgeous piece because it’s a shiny gold color and surrounded by beautiful mandevilla plant and flowers with a very nice stone base.

This copper mailbox to make a perfect accent for a unique looks. The planters are inviting and subtle, giving a nice impression to visitors. This is one of the first things a guest will see, so it’s an important one.

A white house shaped mailbox sitting very close to the front door of a home. The mailbox has pieces of fruit and flowers hanging out from it… but all fake! However, it still looks nice.

If you don’t think your mailbox fits into your garden decor, consider making it into a planter that can hold an array of colorful petunia flowers.

Upcycling old, antique mailboxes for various uses is an easy way to bring a unique flair to your home. Using them as planters or holders as shown here is just one of many ways to make use of them. Lining multiple ones in a row does make for a different use and look.

Watch the video: Mailbox makeover. Transformation. Mailbox garden. GardenAddictz (July 2022).


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