Using Glass Bottles In The Garden

Using Glass Bottles In The Garden

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What can you do with wine, liquor and beer bottles in the garden? Maybe you are like me who stores them up and waits for the day to finally dispose of them.

But, after seeing this project I won’t dispose of them anymore. This bottle ‘Sun’, ‘Star’ or door mat project looks like an interesting way to dress up a patio and in this case under a pergola.

It looks simple and easy to do, with stunning results!

I came across this post over the weekend and what captured my attention was the final results. I’ve come across colored bottles used in gardens before, but this one never came across my mind. Not until I saw the finished work and how easy it is to try.

You only need beer or wine bottles, shovel, post hole digger, and a rubber mallet and with a little effort and creativity, you’ll have your project done.

Check out this tutorial via hometalk

More Garden Projects Using Colored Bottles

These glass bottles were upcycled into a colorful flower garden border.

An interesting yet simple idea: The sunlight warms up the air inside the glass and expands pushing the heated air through the bottle neck and warming the soil.

Using recycled bottles or bottles that you already own is a great way to save money while creating unique looking vases that can be used for a variety of purposes.

I’m not sure a fence like this would be a good garden addition. However, when the sunlight hits the bottles some interesting colors and reflections many show up. At night place garden lights behind them to shine through. Lots of garden possibilities. More details here.

Color plays and important role for many in the garden. For details on making this unusual garden addition search for bike wheel and blue bottles:

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