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$50 Dollar Fire Pit, DIY And Movable!

$50 Dollar Fire Pit, DIY And Movable!

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Have you ever come home from a camping trip and wished you could just build a fire in your backyard?

Maybe you’ve even scoped out fire pits at your local home improvement store. If so, you know how expensive they can be. But they do not have to be.

This article will show you how to build an attractive and functional fire pit in your own backyard for about $50.

One of the “smart features” of this fire pit design is that the firepit can be relocated to a different location.

The family used their “resources” since they already had a Weber BBQ grill to basically be their “fire pit”.

Then they used low cost brick tree rings to line the firebowl. …“Allowing a very controlled burn and positive air shut off to extinguish the fire when we were ready to call it a night.”

A great tutorial with lots of images and a materials list. Details at: $50 Fire Pit

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