How To Attract Butterflies – Make A Feeder In 6 Simple Steps

How To Attract Butterflies – Make A Feeder In 6 Simple Steps

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Looking for a fun new project for your backyard or garden? Try a butterfly feeder!

This post at Brightnest shows you how to create your own beautiful DIY feeder to attract butterflies of all species.

Add an unbelievable element of beauty and create some new photo opportunities of butterflies right in your own backyard with a feeder you build yourself!

9 Tips On Creating A Butterfly Garden

Creating a haven for butterflies and establishing a butterfly garden is rewarding and simultaneously aids in their conservation.

This goes beyond a “butterfly house”, it’s about designing an outdoor environment and natural habitat for butterflies, specifically created to nourish and protect with a wide variety of plants native to their region.

Over at they offer 9 tips to consider when creating a butterfly garden.

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