How To Make Garden Stepping Stones With A Cake Pan

How To Make Garden Stepping Stones With A Cake Pan

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Mosaic garden stepping stones are a beautiful and eye-catching way to make use out of old plates, glassware, and sea stones. They catch the light beautifully and are a unique means for adding pizzazz to your garden and it is simple.

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“You don’t need a fancy schmancy mold to make garden stepping stones; all you need is a non-stick cake pan! And you won’t even ruin the pan! I stumbled on a new – and EASIER way to make mosaic stepping stones; it’s called the indirect method and it involves contact paper.”

Check out this post from Intimate Weddings to learn how to utilize a simple cake pan for creating unique stepping stones for your home garden! They provide a “shopping list” which includes things you can “break” – no how fun is that! Plus images to walk you through the whole process.

A nice tutorial for you, the kids or friends to create a special gift for a special day! Details at Stepping Stones Made With A Cake Pan.

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Watch the video: Garden Stepping Stones. Pour concrete over a $10 Walmart doormat for this garden idea! Hometalk (July 2022).


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