Realign Your Body And Ease Low-Back Pain With 3 Easy Exercises

Realign Your Body And Ease Low-Back Pain With 3 Easy Exercises

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Whether you are looking to improve your flexibility, or you have chronic lower back pain that will just not go away, exercise can help!

“Our bodies are full of surprises. Sometimes that pain in our lower back has nothing to do with our lower back. Instead, a problem somewhere else, such as shoulder misalignment… uneven hips… or a tilted pelvis is really the culprit. When you correct these other imbalances, the back pain eases.”

Brian Bradley at Egoscue has 3 awesome exercises to not only make you more flexible, but ease that nagging lower back pain as well.

  • Exercise #1 – engages the shoulder muscles, helping stabilize and strengthen the muscles of the mid-spine
  • Exercise #2 – promotes pelvic stability
  • Exercise #3 – Promotes proper function of the hips and stabilizes the pelvis.

Will doing these 3 exercises make you say “bye bye” to that back pain? Probably not completely, that’s part of life, but hopefully you’ll feel better than you ever have before with these three exercises!

For details on how to do each of these 3 exercises visit bottomlineinc

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