Scratched Leather Repair Using EVOO [Olive Oil]

Scratched Leather Repair Using EVOO [Olive Oil]

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Everyone loves a living room with leather couches! We’ve had ours for years! They are so cozy and easy to clean up!

However once those bruises and cuts show up on the surface, the same leather couch you know and love could become an eyesore! Not to worry!

There are some easy steps you can take to repair your leather couch! All it takes is something that sits in your kitchen right now! Olive Oil!

Here’s what Tricia at Mash Up Chic had to say…

I used a soft cloth to rub the olive oil into the leather in circles. I think the key is really rubbing it in. I followed up with a paper towel and buffed it off a bit. I was a bit worried about oil residue on the leather, but the paper towel buffing revealed there was no oil left on surface of leather.

Yep some good old fashioned olive oil does the trick! Scratchy details via Mash Up Chic

Another idea…

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