8 Great Tips And Tricks For Dusting – Microfiber Dusting Cloth Optional!

8 Great Tips And Tricks For Dusting – Microfiber Dusting Cloth Optional!

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Dusting is not the most fun chore. Dust settles everywhere, and sooner or later you have to deal with it.

What’s the best way to get rid of dust? Since the Microfiber Dusting Cloth was introduced it does make the job easier… But… Let’s look 8 smart tips and tricks to help you eliminate dust quickly and efficiently.

#1 The Damp Cloth

You can use a damp cloth to dust. This works even better if you mix a little fabric softener into the water. Use four parts water and one part fabric softener. A little goes a long way, so apply the mixture to your dust cloth using a spray bottle.

This is a great mixture for hard surfaces, such as shower doors and glass topped tables. The fabric softener helps repel dust to keep these surfaces cleaner for a longer period of time.

#2 Metal Coat Hanger & Panty Hose

Stretch out a metal coat hanger and put an old pair of pantyhose over the resulting oval shape. Secure it with a rubber band and use your newly invented tool to reach into narrow places such as under the bed, behind the fridge and so on. This is a good way to net dust bunnies.

#3 Pillow Case For Fans

You can get the dust off ceiling fan blades by placing an old pillow case over each blade and then carefully pulling it off and taking the dust along with it.

This will prevent having dust fly around only to settle on your furnishings, walls and floor.

#4 Fabric Gloves

If you need to dust small, fiddly things just put on a pair of fabric gloves. These are very handy for dusting delicate glass items, light fixtures, chandeliers and the like.

You can use the gloves wet or dry and/or you can spray your fabric softener mixture, window cleaner or some other mild cleaner onto the objects being dusted or the gloves, themselves, for even better results.

#5 Old Socks

Like cloth gloves, old socks make very convenient dusters. They are especially good for cleaning blinds because you can reach between the slats easily and wipe off the dust.

#6 Paintbrush

For decorative items and areas that have tiny crevices and cracks, try using a paintbrush. From tiny detail brushes to large soft brushes, these make effective dusting tools that can get into very small places to get out dust.

#7 Baby Wipes

You can get the dust out from between the keys of your computer keyboard using baby wipes. This will work on your laptop or PC.

Just disconnect the laptop from its power source or the keyboard from the computer. Shake out the loose dust and finish up with a baby wipe. You may want to wipe your laptop or PC keyboard dry with a soft, clean cloth afterward.

#8 Fabric Softeners

You can wipe down your laptop, PC and other electronics’ screens using fabric softener sheets. They pick up dust and leave a light film that helps prevent dust from accumulating on the surface.

Dusting can be a monumental chore because there is no area in the house where dust does not settle. Try breaking up your dusting chores by using one of these tips every day.

In this way, you can keep dust at bay with just a few moments of daily attention.

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