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Cereus Peruvianus Care: Learning To Grow The Peruvian Apple Cactus

Having plants indoors and giving them the humidity they would really like is another.It’s great when you can find a plant that doesn’t mind the low humidity, likes it on the dry side and takes up little space.What plant am I talking about? The Cereus peruvianus (Cereus repandus)Cereus Peruvianus “Peruvian Apple Cactus” FactsOrigin: South AmericaFamily: CactaceaeBotanical Name: Cereus peruvianus (see’-ree-us)Common Name: Peruvian Apple cactus, apple cactus, Queen of the Night, column cactusPlant Type: perennialHeight: 12″ inches to 25′ feet tallLeaves: Ribbed sea-green and gray-green stems, brown or black spinesFlowers: Free-blooming plant, White flowers, slight fragranceBloom Time: June through AugustHardiness: Outdoor USDA Hardiness Zones 8 through 10Exposure: Full sun, partial shade with bright lightSoil: Well-drained catcus soil with lots of sandWatering Needs: During active growth water thoroughly allow soil to dry, minimal watering during winterFertilizing: Half strength liquid cactus fertilizer about every ten days during the growing season.
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How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Garden

Fleas seem to be one of the most common problems that each and every house owner fights against at some point. Throughout the world, fleas are well known for being a tenacious kind of insect, and it can be very challenging to get rid of them. Many people only treat the fleas that live on their pets and that are in the bedding, carpets or curtains in their home.
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Lambs Ear Plant Care: How To Grow Stachys Byzantina

Stachys Byzantina stak-iss, biz-an-TEE-nuh is an evergreen herbaceous perennial species from the Lamiaceae family.While the plant is native to Turkey, Iran, and Armenia, it is grown as an ornamental plant in most of the temperate regions of the world and has been naturalized in some areas.Stachys olympica and Stachys lanata are the two other botanical names often used for this plant.
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Clerodendrum Trichotomum: Growing The Harlequin Glorybower

Clerodendrum trichotomum kler-oh-DEN-drum, try-KOH-toh-mum is a flowering plant species, which is sometimes placed in the family Lamiaceae (the mint family) and sometimes classified as the member of the Verbenaceae family of plants and is native to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and India.The deciduous shrub with somewhat unkempt appearance was once believed to be the tree of good fortune.
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Make Cool Garden Stepping Stones A DIY Mosaic Tile Tutorial

If you want to make a wonderful and unique addition to your backyard consider adding a hand created garden accessory like custom stepping stones designed by you!You May Also Like:Turn Broken China Into Gorgeous Garden Stepping StonesMake Fake Landscape Rocks and BouldersThese stepping stones are really attractive with the ability to incorporate lots of different colors and shapes to suit your garden.
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Why Tomatoes Crack When Growing

If you have grown tomatoes you’ve experienced “tomato cracks” which is one of the many tomato problems you’ll encounter.Sometimes called “growth cracks” and usually associated with excessive watering, rainy periods and dry weather which lead to cracking and most of the times scattered on the garden soil.
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