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Growing Rex Begonias Under Fluorescent Lights

Of all the many kinds of plants you can grow without ever seeing the light of day, Rex begonias are one of the most satisfactory.Do Rex Begonias Like Artificial Light?Growing Rex Begonias under fluorescent lights produce beautiful plants and foliage.Perhaps because they’re primarily foliage plants, and don’t require great quantities of sunlight, something no electrical engineer has yet managed to reproduce.
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Learn How To Plant Azalea Bushes

Azaleas are small, shade tolerant flowering shrubs belonging to the Rhododendron genus.Their long-lasting blooms appear in the springtime and provide welcome color in shady gardens.Success with Azaleas is very dependent upon proper planting techniques.In this article, we share information to help you plant your Azaleas right.
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Water Feature

How To Make A Container Water Garden For Your Deck

The sound of water adds some much to a landscape design. Even a small pond on a small patio makes the whole space more tranquil. It can be a simple bubbling fountain and water features can be made out of almost anything.Water gardens do not need to be expensive or difficult to add to your landscape garden.
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Brass Buttons Plant: Growing The Leptinella Squalida

Leptinella squalida lep-tin-EL-luh, SKWA-lee-duh (Syn. Cotula squalida) is a flowering species of the daisy family, Asteraceae.Its nativity in New Zealand has earned it the common name New Zealand Brass Button.It is also simply known as the “brass button” or “yellow brass button.”The “brass buttons” is a reference to the yellow button-like flowers the plant produces.
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Front Yard

This Front Yard Got A Make Over That Included a Pond!

Chances are slim that you’ll find and purchase the home of your dreams. But fear not, you can still create your dream home using what you have and a little creativity!This DIY front yard landscaping project takes you through the steps of one family who transformed a less-than-gorgeous front yard in to the best in the neighborhood.
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Preparing Roses For Winter: How To Winterize And Prepare Roses For Winter

We get asked every year on: “How to prepare rose bushes for winter?”There are many different types of winter weather homeowners experience in the northern part of the country. This makes it hard for roses to grow and reach their full potential during the growing season.Depending on location you will find a variety of ways to protect roses and get them through the winter season.
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