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16 DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas For Cooling Off When The Heat Is On

Summer is in full swing, and nothing beats the heat better than a nice shower… and an outdoor shower takes it up a notch.Not only are outdoor showers great fun and practical for the “outdoor family”, they are also really affordable, and easy to do it yourself.Outdoor showers can also be great for your garden.
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33+ Genius Uses For Old Garden Hoses

You would never see it advertised at the garden center but the lowly garden hose still hold lots of “life” even after it has been retired for water use.This post has 30+ uses for old garden hoses – from creating artwork for the garden to leveling a patio and helping keep saw blades sharp and safe.Landscaping Tool – Perfect for laying out a flower and landscape beds.
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16+ Showy, Colorful Annual Flowers Screaming “LOOK At The Flowers”

“Look, Look, Look at the Flowers.” Who doesn’t want their garden beds or window boxes filled with annual flowers to scream as people pass by?The garden with annual plants can be as simple or complex as one wishes.All these factors can enter into your garden plan:Combining and contrasting a variety of colorsGraduating heightsVarying round and spike flower formsAll combined in creating flower color producing focal points of interestDisney World plants annuals to create gorgeous flower beds and hanging baskets!
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Types of Ferns

Tips On Deer Fern Care

Deer fern, botanically called Blechnum Spicant (BLEK-num, SPIK-ant), is a fern species in the family Blechnaceae.The term “Blecknum” is a Greek word for a type of fern while the “spicant” means “having spikes”.This type of fern is native to Europe and the Pacific Northwest in Western North America.It is also found in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, British Columbia, California Redwood Forest, and California Mixed Evergreen Forest, and along the coast of Santa Cruz.
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Erigeron Glaucus Plant Care: How To Grow Seaside Daisy

Erigeron Glaucus Er-IJ-er-on GLAW-kus is a wildflower to the United States These California native plants and Oregon lives along the coastlines where it grows around dunes, coastal bluffs, and beaches.It is also known by the scientific name of Erigeron Glaucus Ker Gawl.This beautiful plant belongs to the daisy family, Asteraceae, and originates from North America.
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